Leather Grains and Finishes

Top Grain:
Upper edge of hide; Strongest finish

Has 2 ‘fuzzy’ sides, happens when leather is ‘split’

Printed Finish:
Dyed and/or embossed with a pattern to create a different appearance; For example: pigskin embossed to look like alligator

Hair On:
Leather with the natural hair still attached; back is ‘fuzzy’; Usually used as rugs and trophies

Extremely strong leather that is both vegetable tanned and mineral or oil tanned; Extremely durable, but heavy and often expensive; Used in belts and cowboy gear (saddles, boots, chaps, etc.)

Sole Bend/Armour Bend:
Small, thick piece of leather; Usually from a single shoulder, between 4.8 - 6mm.;

A side of vegetable tanned leather, good for saddles, long belts, and large armour pieces; Almost always 10-12 oz and natural color;

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