Leather Purchasing Guide




Pacific Leather prices their leather and other hides and skins using two methods:-

1) By the piece. Leathers sold by the piece have one price regardless of the size of the product. By entering the number "1" into the quantity field, you are ordering 1 piece and the price is the same regardless of size.

2) Some leathers are priced by the square foot or meter and therefore the price varies according to the size of the piece. The actual size is determined by measuring devices at the tannery. When you place an order for leathers sold in this way you can order in increments of the average sq. ft. or metres. Your shopping cart will show a cost approximation based on the number of sq. ft. or metres you added times the price per square foot or metres, whichever the case. After your order is filled, this cost approximation will be adjusted based on the actual size of the product (as measured by the tannery). Your final charges will be for the actual size of the product (as measured by the tannery), not the average.



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